About Platform

What is Platform?

Platform is a student led blog aiming to promote young creatives. By publishing their work on a visible and esteemed website Platform provides a unique opportunity for these talented creators to gain publicity.

The secondary aim of Platform is to encourage gifted students to put forward their work for publication. We will focus on reaching out to those who are perhaps less willing to present their abilities and ideas, as we believe there is substantial untapped potential hidden on university campuses around the country. By demonstrating the real achievements individuals can make when they put themselves out there and the quality of some of the UK’s unpublished talent, we believe that our open platform can grow in both readership and submissions as a result. We want to make pursuing your interests and developing your talents as accessible as possible.

Platform is unique. It’s run by young people with the simple aim of improving job prospects and opportunities for our own generation. Open to a broad range of media forms, Platform is for those of us who want to make a positive impact on their own futures pursuing their passions.

Platform believes that all people are inherently valuable because all possess a unique perspective on this life that has meaning. It is from this inherent value that the beauty of Platform can be seen because no matter your creed, colour or stage, we are interested.


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