For a long time I would doubt my work due to one thing, the lack of meaning. Every image would be tainted with a debate of what’s and why’s of which I would never have an answer. It never stopped me from taking photos, it never took the fun out of it but it always left me confused and unfulfilled. Validation of my work was missing. I even went to the extent of creating bullshit meanings all of which were completely made up simply to legitimise my work to myself. It was at this point I realised what I love to do and that is to simply make images that will impress the eye. I want the viewer to create their own meaning, nothing is right, nothing is wrong. If an image makes one person feel sad, lonely and depressed then sure, they’re justified to feel such a thing. This does not deny the other person’s feelings of happiness or joy. Meaning, like beauty, is within the eye of the beholder. One day I might create a work that holds meaning but at this stage in my career I am only concerned with one thing: aesthetics.


All work by Charles Topp

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