Playing with the dramatic potentials of womenswear as well as its natural sensuousness, Knorr’s presentation of her Autumn/Winter 2018 collection was a true thematic spectacle. Female empowerment, her main influence in the collection, radiated from the pieces: from bold, provocative, figure-hugging pieces to demure, delicately-designed dresses.

The presentation alone was an apt display of Knorr’s skill and mastery in fashion. The arrangement of heavily sequined pieces alongside soft frilly jumpsuits showcases Knorr’s range and such composition emphasised the evident contrast in the colour palette, with solid block colours, such as reds and blacks, swapped out in the intervals with more muted pastel shades of blue and nude. Knorr’s eye for detail is more clearly realised in her tremendously stylistic construction of numerous materials such as tulle, velvet, wool, and metallics. The expert workings of these multiple fabrics contributed to the experimental yet established air to the collection.

And the collection, which is said to ‘push the boundaries of evening wear with distinct female Power’, certainly did so. Knorr, who is known for her distinctly feminine designs, collaborated with Laura Totenhagen, a German experimental jazz singer who recited female empowering poetry to music. Thus, the stunningly decorated showspace was filled with her hauntingly beautiful vocals as well as a strong, diverse cast of models to display the inclusivity of Knorr’s collection. A powerful collection, in more ways than one.

By Janan Jama

Photograph by Richard Malone

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