Poems by Parekh


The light bounced off the waves

A sharp peach against deep blue

My view a panorama

After days of a desk


I felt weightless

Exquisite cold crawling through

My muscles but pure

Joy mixed in


I can see my encouraging friends

Just floating towards me

The sky lighting up the sea

And the air and my head


And I could’ve wished for a

Thousand things to be ever

So slightly different

But I wouldn’t change a thing


The mess of my head and feelings

Right now and the issue of

My skin and that looming presence

Of my future mean so little


When I’ve felt those cold

Beautiful waves grace my skin

Properly, wholly,

For the first time this year



I don’t get feelings,

I don’t quite understand how

the content of a synapse

can drive me to be the one

to sit by my friends gentle tears

and yet make another their cause


I don’t get how

some people simply

don’t understand that the

Gentle Giants that give us air

Aren’t just for lining

Our gardens


I don’t understand how

some days it will take a

connection of happy eyes

To make me cry laughing

And on another, even humour

Can’t dent my frown


Someone explain how

So many people can’t

just accept those little things

that don’t need exploring

how so many are convinced

that answers are the only things to live by


Because I don’t mind

not knowing

if anything I love this

Blissful ignorance


Because a child’s smile

Is never the same

Once Santa isn’t real
By Ananthi Parekh

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