Yes, my parents are going to live separately. No, that doesn’t mean they’re separating.

Things Sophie thinks

What my mum’s new job taught me about feminism, culture and challenging family norms.

I mean, what says family more than meeting in London and accidentally matching

For as long as I can remember, my mum has been both my ultimate role model and my best friend. She has taught me a great many things in nineteen years. Everything from algebra, cooking, what it means to be a kind person and how to be independent. My mum has taught me nearly everything I know, expect braiding and applying mascara (had to learn those from YouTube, due to the whole independence thing). She’s easily the smartest person I know, and that’s not juts because of her PHD, her wisdom is endless and she always knows what to say and do.

When I was seven, my family (my parents and I, the small nuclear family that we are) moved over 14,000 miles…

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